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Sin has claimed me with its stereotyped darkness.
Lies have yet to shame me with their falseness.
Light has shone on me and I did not flinch at its brightness
I only turned away in annoyance.

I don’t need your help from my sin.
I don’t need the reassuring grins.
My will is strong enough, but I do not wish to change.
I hurt, hurt, hurt but it will spread out across the range.
I can move on, see more deaths, more births, and more sickness.
My mind will not be phased by another’s weakness.
I will shed a tear or two, but what is that worth in the end
Whether you believe you will go to a greater beyond or 6 feet under I will not bend
I’ll just turn away sometimes fantasizing about your existence.

I’ll look in your eyes only to look to the side
The intensity of the human soul is too much of a ride
For my shamed eyes cannot help but look away
In fear that you might see me differently another day
While at the same time I don’t care
That’s why I look back, to show that the competition’s fair.
I close my eyes to block out the fear.
WhatTheHolyScrud Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2008   Writer
ochenta Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2008
I seem to be only able to write emo poems x]]. Even though I'm fairly happy : P.
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